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Fascia is web-liked tissue that surrounds every muscle in the human body. As time goes on, incorrect movement can lead to knot-like adhesions that hinder ranges of motion. These obstructions will lead your body to create maladaptations that will further lead to ineffective movement that can lead to pain. Myofascial release is a self-massage technique that essentially breaks up these adhesions. After executed, the tissues become more hydrated and allow for the body to respond better to realignment techniques, corrective exercises, and ballistic movements.


You don’t build a house without first building a level foundation or drive a car without an aligned frame. Signs of deterioration and fractures in the structure will inevitably occur. Similar concept with the human body; training without first cultivating a foundation that possesses structural integrity will lead to injury. Living in a house without a strong foundation is asking to be brought down, driving a car without an aligned frame is asking to be wrecked, and the body not training with an effective foundation is asking to be injured. Training a dysfunctional body only creates more dysfunctional movement patterns. Correcting these postural dysfunctions is the first step to move as a pain free, resilient human being.


Corrective exercises are the processes of reconnecting dysfunctional movement patterns and installing more efficient ones. Utilizing precise techniques including joint stacking, active spinal decompression, re-tensioning, and leverage based exercises, we can end the chronic pain cycle that ruins so many lives.


Integrated Muscular Action Potentiation (IMAP) or chambers, are precise retensioning techniques that enable our body’s gait cycle to operate functionally allowing for strength and muscle growth relative to how we move as humans.


Multi-Plane Ballistic Movements

After retensioning the body relative to gait, we can begin to move more dynamically. These ballistic movements are predicted on moving the body in all planes of motion while maintaining the proper tensions that support structural integrity. If we watch how professional athletes move we begin to see how fluid-like and aggressively precise their patterns are; these ballistic movements give us the ability to drive motion and leverage our body’s in almost an infinite amount of ways.



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